Joint-Stock Company "BECEMA" manufactures the following products:

Tanks semi-trailers designed for transportation of:

  • Granular, powder materials (such as cement, dolomite and barite powders, mineral fertilizers, flour, mixed fodders) with load-carrying capacity from 8 up to 28 tons;
  • Light oil products (such as gasoline, diesel fuel, solvents) with volume of the tank from 16 up to 373;
  • Black oil products (such as bitumen, mazut, oil, stove fuel) with volume of the tank from 11 up to 263;
  • Liquefied petroleum gases (propane-butane) with volume of the tanks 18m3 and 363.
  • At special request of joint-stock company "Surgutnephtegas" we have developed and been manufacturing in serial production the special cement trailer on chassis URAL 55571 having 9m3 capacity - BCM-50 intended for making repair work in Tyumen region, which is difficult of access in the North.


Road construction machines:

  • auto bitumen sprayers;
  • Thermos-bunkers for liquid asphalt;
  • chips spreaders;
  • Machines for pouring roadsides. Under the license of American company "ROSCO" we produce the machine for patching roadway covering BCM-24 distinguishing with its very high productive capacity and easy operation, and having no analogue in Russia as well as in the CIS.

     The technological equipment intended for factories to produce bitumen emulsion, as well as storage tanks for ready bitumen emulsion and initial components (such as bitumen, acid solutions, water phase, emulsifier);

     The technological equipment intended for factories of cement, chemical and metallurgical industries (pneumatic transports, plate conveyors, elevators and etc.).

     Tippers: in cooperation with " VOLVO " having the body volume 12, 13 or 173 on chassis 64, 66, 84 for transportation of sand, gravel, soil and hot asphalt. Besides Joint-Stock Company "BECEMA" produces its own axles for semi-trailers, but at a request of a customer we can complete our vehicles with axles from other manufacturers (such as MTM, SAF, BPW).

     In designs of "BECEMA" products, a lot of which are patented, we used the advanced technical knowledge and the up-to-date engineering. The principal concern is given to the safety of transportation. All the tank semi-trailers for oil products and liquefied petroleum gases are designed in accordance with Russian Standard GOST 50913-96 and meet the European requirements of safe transportation of inflammable liquids (ADR). Vessels are made of steel 092 using a unique technology, they have got inside as breakwaters the torus spherical bottoms that provides their unexampled durability and practically unlimited service lifetime. In the plant of Joint-Stock Company "BECEMA" there is a testing laboratory accredited by Gosstandart of Russia to carry out certification tests of mobile equipment and to verify tankers as means of measurement. All products are painted with polyurethane acrylic enamels and thermal dried in painting-drying chambers by CWN (Holland).


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